Package net.sourceforge.pbeans

Contains class Store and main pBeans utilities.


Interface Summary
Operator Operator generates an SQL operation on two expressions.
Persistent Deprecated. Use a PersistentClass annotation instead.
StoreInfo For any class Clazz that implements Persistent, you may define Clazz_StoreInfo which implements this interface (but note that this technique is deprecated in favor of PersistentClass annotations).

Class Summary
AbstractStoreInfo Deprecated. Use PersistentClass annotations instead.
Criteria Criteria is a simple HashMap with additional bells and whistles.
GlobalPersistentID A globally unique identifier for persistent objects.
Index Represents a database index.
PersistentID Special property type which may be used instead of explicit persistent object references in order to define relationships between persistent objects.
PersistentMap<TKey,TValue> A persistent map of strings to Persistent objects.
SimpleOperator SimpleOperator generates a simple operation on two expressions.
Store A Store instance provides mapping of Java objects (beans) to relational database tables and vice-versa.

Exception Summary
DuplicateEntryException Thrown when a database record cannot be inserted because there's already an entry with equal unique-index values or primary keys.
StoreException Exception thrown by Store methods, generally when there's a database error.

Package net.sourceforge.pbeans Description

Contains class Store and main pBeans utilities.