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Source Code

Source code of a released version is contained in its distribution, but you can also obtain the current development snapshot anonymously via CVS.

cvs login

(Press Enter -- blank password)
cvs checkout -P pbeans

Using Eclipse

The following has been tried with Eclipse 3.1, and is the recommended way to obtain pBeans source code from CVS:
  1. Create a new workspace, e.g. c:\Eclipse-Workspaces\pbeans.
  2. Right-click the Package Explorer, and select New/Project/CVS/Projects From CVS.
  3. Enter the following information when prompted:
    • Host: pbeans.cvs.sourceforge.net
    • Repository path: /cvsroot/pbeans
    • User: anonymous
    • Password: (leave blank)
    • Connection type: pserver

  4. Press Next. You'll be asked for a module name. Enter pbeans.
  5. Press Next and then press Finish.

To check that your changes have not broken pBeans: Run RegressionTest under examples/regression.

To build pbeans.jar: Right-click build.xml and select Run Application.

To submit your changes as a patch: Right-click project root, select CVS, then Create Patch. The defaults there are enough to put the patch in the system clipboard. You may submit pBeans patches at this SourceForge page.

For more extensive contributions: You need to ask the current project maintainer for developer access to the SourceForge project. Then you need to check out the CVS module with your SourceForge username and password, using the extssh method instead of the pserver method.


The source code of pBeans is released under the Apache Software License 2.0 or a later version of your choice. (Note that this project is not associated with Apache.)

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